Live broadcast of NEPCON Vietnam 2022!


  NEPCON VIETNAM 2022 focuses on the innovative concept of “Electronics 4.0 Insider”. The exhibition will bring together 300 brands and companies to showcase - SMT, Testing Technologies, Equipment, Supporting Industries, Intelligent Manufacturing and other relevant areas will also be exhibited.

Arlitech Electronic Corp. participates in NEPCON Vietnam 2022 - Hanoi


  Arlitech Electronic will also go to the local NEPCON Vietnam exhibition from 9/14 to 9/16 in 2022. The site will exhibit electronic components and design solutions including various passive components such as inductors, capacitors, microcontrollers (MCU)...etc.

2022 Japan Mobile Network Technology for 5G/IoT Expo, Arlitech results published after the exhibition.


  2022 Japan Communication & Broadcasting Week Held by Japan Reed Exhibition Company at Tokyo Big Sight for a total of 3 days. In addition to being able to "see" and "touch" 840 products this time, a seminar program covering all 33 lectures will be held simultaneously, providing a venue for bringing together the latest technologies in the field. 



  2022年、フレームワークを突破するために、初めて物理展示とビデオ交渉の「現実と仮想」モデルが遠隔展示に使用されます。招待新北市のメーカーが「2022日本通信放送週間展示会」に参加しました。 ""。ArlitechElectronicは、経済開発局と協力して、新北テーマパビリオンの形で東京での展示会に参加できることを光栄に思います。SMDPowerIndcutorおよびMolding Choke製品を使用して、最新の製造および製造を紹介します。テクノロジー!このイベントは、大企業に当社についてもっと知る機会となる貴重な機会です。

Arlitech Electronic Corp. participates in the 2022 Japan Communication & Broadcasting Week -Mobile Network Technology for 5G/IoT Expo.


  In the second half of 2022, when the epidemic situation is gradually slowing down, Arlitech Electronic Corp. will also participate in the Network Technology for 5G/IoT theme exhibition of Japan Communication Broadcasting Week. The manufacturers participating in the grand event will also include 5G communication systems, active antenna systems, and wireless bases. Station Facilities, Distributed Antenna Systems, Antenna Equipment, Mobile Station Equipment, Power Supplies/Rechargeable Batteries, Connectors, Modulators, Concentrators, Sensors, Power Conditioners, Wireless LAN Equipment, Wireless LAN Access Points, VPN Routers , frequency converters, ISM frequency band automatic matching units, device drivers, sensors/chips, measurement/detection equipment, IoT solutions….etc.